Bike & Hike

Bike & hike in Grossarltal 

Gästeflüstererin Katrin gives you insights. 

There are many things to rave about when it comes to the Großarl Valley, the Valley of the alpine pastures. Known not only for its beautiful hiking trails and excursion destinations, it is also a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, nestled among the majestic peaks of the Salzburg mountains. With its breathtaking landscape and a variety of activities, this region offers an ideal setting for adventure all year round. Among the many popular leisure activities is the combination of cycling and hiking, better known as "Bike & Hike". Here’s why the Großarl Valley is the perfect place for this unforgettable outdoor experience.

The Combination

The combination of (E)-Bike & Hike allows adventurers to experience the best of both worlds. Start your day with an enjoyable bike tour to one of the starting points, then park your bike and hike to explore the surrounding mountains or a spectacular peak. This way, you can discover hidden spots while enjoying the freedom your bike offers to cover greater distances.

The Bike Trails

The Großarl Valley offers around 160 km of marked cycling and mountain biking trails for all difficulty levels. Whether for families with children who prefer the easier paths with an e-bike or for athletes who love challenging mountain trails, there is a suitable route for every cyclist. The well-signposted trails lead either along the powerful Großarler Ache, the panoramic bike path to the beautiful valley end, or over lush mountain ridges where you might break a sweat after gaining some elevation.

The Hiking Routes

The hiking network in the Großarl Valley spans a variety of difficulty levels and altitudes. From easy walks that can be started directly from the hotel to challenging summit tours, there is a perfect route for every hiker. The trails lead through green spruce forests and blooming alpine meadows, offering spectacular views of the surrounding enchanting mountain world.

Die Natur

No matter your choice, whether a leisurely bike ride along the Großarler Ache or climbing a mountain peak, one thing is certain: you will fully enjoy the untouched beauty of nature in the Großarl Valley. Keep an eye out for wildlife, listen to the sound of cowbells, and take deep breaths of the fresh mountain air as you rejuvenate your senses in this natural oasis.


Bike & Hike in the Großarl Valley offers a unique way to explore the spectacular landscape of this Tauern Valley. With the excellent range of countless Bike & Hike tours and the breathtaking nature in the background, the region around the Großarl Valley is a true paradise for outdoor lovers. So grab your bike, put on your hiking boots, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure that you will be sure to tell your entire family about for a long time.

Bergsee mit Reflexion der umliegenden Bergwelt im Großarltal, Salzburger Land
Mountainbiken im Salzburger Land - Zwei Mountainbiker beim Downhill im Großarltal.