Berglandschaft im Sommer, Hotel Nesslerhof im Salzburger Land
Die unberührte Natur entdecken beim Wandern im Großarltal - eine Blume wächst auf einem Baumstamm.
Places to refill your energy

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Energy places in Grossarltal

Do you know the mystic of energy places?

Our everyday life can be fast-paced and exhausting, so it's important to schedule regular breaks in places that gives us energy back. Places where we pause, let our minds come to rest, and thereby "recharge our batteries."

In our mountains, there are alpine power spots that give us new energy in almost magical ways. Idyllic, quiet paths often lead to these mysterious places. Today, we'll reveal our four favorite power spots in the Grossarl Valley. Well, you might even know the fourth one already...

1. Right from the doorstep: The "Gretchen-Ruhe-Runde"

Our first suggestion is a leisurely hiking circuit that takes you to the "Gretchen-Ruhe" Waterfall: Exit the Nesslerhof and head right up to the bridge, then turn left onto the "Hedegg-Rundweg". After passing the Laireiter Farm, turn onto the "Gretchen-Ruhe-Weg (Nr. 13)". This path runs along the edge of the meadow, ascending to the edge of the forest. There are several benches at beautiful spots here to recharge your energy. The path continues uphill through a lovely spruce forest, where you can already hear the pleasant sound of water from a distance. Eventually, you'll reach the "Gretchen-Ruhe" Waterfalls, which you can admire from a wooden footbridge.

The return journey, after a stretch in the forest, descends on a mountain road. At "Reitbauern", go directly through the beautiful courtyard along the tractor path to the small bridge next to the roundabout. Before the roundabout, turn left and stroll the last meters back to the Nesslerhof. This circuit takes about 2 hours in total.


2. Mystical and powerful: The path to Unterwandalm

A favorite hike of our Head "Gästeflüsterer", Tina, is the forest path to Unterwandalm: The starting point is the "Sonneggbrücke" parking lot. Begin on a forestry road that can also take you to the alp. However, we prefer to turn onto the marked forest paths. We hike up through dreamy alpine meadows and shady forests. After a good hour, you reach the Magical Forest: Mossy forest floor with large stones in a tall coniferous forest. Enchanting – and a power spot to wander through in every season. In summer, you're protected from the sun, in spring and autumn, there's often a light mist that bathes the forest in a magical atmosphere.

"Gästeflüsterer" Tip: Take your time, stop frequently, and tune into this forest power spot. The pure forest air fills you with natural energy.

Freshly "bathed in the forest," continue on to "Unterwandalm". There, you can enjoy a culinary refreshment and a beautiful view of the Grossarl Valley.

3. Biking to "Ötzlsee & Kreealm-Wasserfall"

Did you know that waterfalls are true "energy stations" in several ways? Firstly, because the primal force of the roaring masses of water has a calming effect. The pulse slows down, the mind becomes clearer. Also, lingering in the spray of a waterfall is beneficial for the respiratory tract – especially, but not only, for people with allergies. Breathe deeply in and out in the refreshing area. The microscopic waterfall aerosols cleanse your airways and strengthen your immune system.

Upon reaching the end of the valley, we love to immediately take off our shoes and walk through the natural Kneipp facility. The super-fresh mountain water revitalizes the senses – promised! One thing is for sure: This is not for the faint of heart. After the refreshing footbath, we like to stroll over to Ötzlsee and find a nice spot to linger and recharge.

"Gästeflüsterer" Tip: If you have your kids along for this adventure, it's best to bring a second set of clothes or even swimwear.

4. The Nesslerhof: Recharging in every term

The Nesslerhof is surrounded by mountains, forests, and meadows. We are right in the middle of the nature. Every day, we draw strength from it – just like our guests.

"When we enter the Nesslerhof in Großarl, our heartbeat slows down, we feel welcome and safe."

We hear such statements often – and that pleases us greatly. Because our goal is: With the first step over the threshold, your relaxation mode should kick in. To bring the well-being of nature into the house, every area is characterized by natural materials such as wood and stone. For example, you can relax in our wellness area in the stone pine sauna, swim in the crystal-clear natural pond with a view of the peaks, and rest in cozy relaxation areas surrounded by green "living walls."

If you're longing for new energy and want to discover the power spots around the Nesslerhof, then book your relaxation at the best price. We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to assist you in finding the perfect retreat at the Nesslerhof.

Großer Naturbadeteich mit gemütlichen Liegen im Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof, Großarl.
Badetasche am Ufer des Naturschwimmteich im Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof im Salzburger Land.
Seegras am Ufer des Badeteich im Hotel Nesslerhof.