Paar wartet am gedeckten Tisch auf das Abendessen im Genießerhotel Nesslerhof im Salzburger Land
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Wisdom from our grandmothers 

The Best ist regionality

Our grandmothers were culinary trendsetters. Were yours too? Just think about it: Food came exclusively from the region, and it was always organic. Grandma baked her own bread, and meat was always processed according to the "nose-to-tail" principle. That means every part was utilized, not just the fillet and other "delicacies." As you can see, everything that is now considered modern in the kitchen today was already implemented by our grandmothers many years ago as a matter of course.

Our daily bread – butter, meat, and...

In this sense, not much has changed for us. We didn't have to adapt to kitchen trends – because cooking organically, regionally, and sustainably was instilled in us from the beginning. For the Nesslerhof kitchen, it's fortunate that so many natural products grow and are processed right at our doorstep in the Grossarl Valley.

Braun-weiß gefleckte Kuh mit Glocke beim Almabtrieb. Regionale Produkte im Genießerhotel Nesslerhof, Großarl.
Produkte aus der Region im Genießerhotel Nesslerhof: Bäuerin mit Milchflasche.
Eier von glücklichen Hühnern aus Großarl
Angelurlaub in Großarl, Salzburger Land
Hotel Nesslerhof - die Gästeflüsterer