It reminds me to listen again.

It is a small whisper. A voiceless speaking.

A movie shaped by a longing for vacation, a sense of security, wishes, and feelings of happiness. Arrive, feel at home, enjoy, recharge in nature, and feel cozy. We would be delighted to show you these facets of the Nesslerhof!"

I seek for tranquility, time with myself and my loved ones. In places that aid in my well-being.

Places that inspire me and free my gaze, allowing me to see the whole picture once again.

It reminds me to feel again, to ground myself, and to be content in the present moment.

Ziege mit Glocke
Pärchen vor einer Almhütte auf einem Holzstapel sitzend - Romantik für zwei beim Wandern im Tal der Almen.

I pause then. To marvel. So that I can continue forward afterward

Continuing on a path that is already there, and has always been there.

Sometimes the journey doesn't have to be far to feel very far away.