Der großzügige Naturbadeteich mit kleinem Wasserfall & Blick auf das Hotel Nesslerhof, mit Loungemöbeln & Sonnenterrassen.
Frischwasser-Zulauf für den Naturschwimmteich im Hotel Nesslerhof, Großarl.
Living Garden

Beneath the feet, the grass; above the head, the sun

Garden oasis in the wellness hotel in Salzburger Land

Tree, meadow, shrub. Done, right? There's probably not much more to say about a garden. Well, there are one or two things to mention in a 3,000 m² garden area with a really large sunbathing area. Take our natural swimming pond, for example, of which we are a bit proud. And not just because it's wonderfully large (800 m²) and deep.

It's also because it operates entirely without chemicals. Self-cleaning, ist the way how it works. We've almost fallen in love with this pond. Sitting there, letting your feet dangle in the clear water, and looking up at the mountains. Those are our vacation moments every day. But as "Gästeflüsterer", we're a bit particular: we just love being outdoors. The garden is a bit like our extended living room.

Paar vor einer Mauer im Hotelgarten des Hotel Nesslerhof in Großarl
Sommerfreuden im Nesslerhof in Großarl - Junge Dame im Bikini am Naturbadeteich.
Blühende Blumen mit Bienen im Living Garden des Hotel Nesslerhof - the natureness hotel
Ufer des Naturschwimmteich im Hotel Nesslerhof
Der großzügige Naturschwimmteich mit Lounge-Betten und Sonnenschutz im luxuriösen Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof in Großarl, Salzburger Land.

For a romantic weekend, stroll together hand in hand. Or for solitary contemplation in peace. Ideal for lounging and squinting into the sun. Perfect for family wellness vacations, playing, sitting in the shade of old trees, and laughing about life. Where else can you experience all of this as beautifully as in a garden? Like in our Nesslerhof Miracle Garden?

Holzbank zum gemütlichen Entspannen im Garten des Hotel Nesslerhof in Großarl.
Gemütliche Liege im weitläufigen Hotelgarten des Luxushotel Nesslerhof in Großarl
Familie Neudegger mit ihren drei Töchtern im Garten vor dem Hotel Nesslerhof.
Kulinarischer Genuss in Ihrem Urlaub im Großarltal

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