Produkte der Kosmetikserie Balance Alpine 1000+ im Best Alpine Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof in Großarl, Salzburg
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Balance Alpine 1000+

Incredible products for incredible treatments

Relaxing body treatments

These specially developed treatments are based on the latest findings from sport and exercise science. Fascia therapy combined with specific techniques relieve tension in the muscles and tissues. The treatments result in long-lasting mobility and range of movement, and offer relief for the musculoskeletal system. Muscles also recover more quickly and blockages are relieved. These treatments are excellent for anyone looking for a lighter and more relaxed yet powerful feeling.


This massage is a deeply-penetrating treatment based on the client’s current state. The massage is part of a holistic method of treatment that uses the fundamentals of traditional European medicine (TEM). Depending on a person’s individual needs, the treatment is carried out with special, highly potent alkaline massage oil with a warming or cooling effect, and alpine herbal essences. The result is a profound sense of balance in the muscles, tissue and soul — all according to the Paracelsus principle.

  • Partial-body massage | 25 minutes € 47
  • Full-body massage | 50 minutes € 85
  • Intensive full-body massage | 80 minutes € 124

Facial spa treatments

Revitalised beauty with Balance Alpine 1000+

Special herbal essences tailored to your needs are used in these body and facial treatments.


Our Vital Force facial treatment starts with a personal consultation using the Balance Alpine 1000+ method. After cleansing and exfoliation, the skin is moisturised according to spagyric principles. The treatment finishes with a harmony ritual, eye care, neck and décolleté face massage, moisturising mask and final care.

50 minutes € 80

The 50-minute treatment plus: eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, intensive massage of the décolleté, shoulders, face and head.

80 minutes € 124



Metabolic typing and your current state determine the techniques used in this face and head massage. The result: deep relaxation, inner peace and a free mind.

25 minutes € 43

Close-to-nature, alkaline cosmetics

Experience plants and their effects in the new dimension of wellness

BALANCE ALPINE 1000+ harnesses the original sources of power from the Alps in a unique vital concept. The plants and their effects have inspired and prompted the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels to develop BALANCE ALPINE 1000+.

Balance Alpine 1000+ generally avoids artificial colorants, preservatives, mineral oils, paraffins, and parabens. Therefore, it is suitable for every skin type, especially for very sensitive and irritated skin.

  • Sporty Active
  • Alleviation of discomfort caused by sitting
  • Targeted support in strength training
  • Improvement of body posture
  • Reduction of stress
  • Normalization of physical and psychological tensions