Team "Gästeflüsterer"


The Neudegger family and the employees at the Hotel Nesslerhof

Somehow, it has been ingrained in us – the gift of pampering guests – lived hospitality. The love for the guest, our own joy in the guest's happiness. Gratefully, we have accepted this gift from nature and our parents. Today, one might rather say, 'It's in our DNA,' but we prefer to stick with 'the cradle.' Sounds more romantic. We consider it the most valuable reward for our work when we see happy guests strolling through our romantic wellness hotel, when they smile, when we can do something good for them.

Amela (Zimmerdame)

We said to ourselves, two heads are not enough for this. So, we gathered around us a team of employees who share the same thoughts and values as we do. In our wellness hotel in Großarl, they have been loyal to us for a long time, often bringing us happiness. For them, it's not just a job to understand wishes but a passion to fulfill them. To constantly work towards our goals, we've crafted our little philosophy of guest whispering, our simple guide, which we entrust to you here.

Der Saunameister beim Vorbereiten des Aufgusses in der großen Saunalandschaft im Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof im Salzburger Land


What fulfills us, we have brought together. We are vibrant without being loud. We are natural without overshadowing the mountain world. We are charming because it comes naturally to us. We are the Nesslerhof:

After that, we strive to think, live, and act. Us, our employees – and also our partners, to whom we send our trust. Our baker Toni, the butcher Lenz, the milk farmer Anni, the cheese farmer Elisabeth, the egg farmer Christoph, the ski instructors and mountain guides, and so on. Our close-knit circle, your network, that you can undoubtedly rely on.

Eier aus der Region für das Gourmethotel Nesslerhof: Landwirt mit Henne auf einer Alm in Großarl.
Selbstgemachtes Brot vom Bäcker aus Großarl
Produkte aus der Region im Genießerhotel Nesslerhof: Bäuerin mit Milchflasche.

We cannot rest on the great guest response from yesterday; your satisfaction today and your enthusiasm tomorrow make each of our days a challenge that we gladly embrace.

We hope you feel well with us – with the "Gästeflüsterer" at the Nesslerhof

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