Wegweiser auf einem Wanderweg im Großarltal - dem Tal der Almen in Österreich.
Valley of the Alpine Pastures

From alp to alp trough Grossarltal

Grossarltal - Valley of the alpine Pastures

The Grossarltal rightly earns the name "Valley of the Alpine Pastures." Nowhere else within Salzburg region is  a valley that would deserve this designation more. In your hiking vacation, about 40 alpine pastures gross you along 250 kilometers of well-signposted hiking trails. Whether it's leisurely hiking in the valley, mountain hiking, or climbing in alpine terrain, a varied and diverse hiking offer awaits you in the valley of the Alpine Pastures.

To ensure that you can always navigate well during hiking or mountain biking and safely reach your destination, all hiking trails in the Grossarltal have been equipped with continuous and clear signage. In addition to the destination and difficulty level, the yellow hiking boards and location boards also provide information about the walking time and GPS data. Clear information boards have been set up at most starting points of the hiking routes. And along the hiking trails, you simply follow the red-white-red markings.

By the way, in October 2010, Grossarltal was the first region in Salzburg to be awarded the Austrian Hiking Quality Award.

Regional culinary Highlights

Culinary routes 

While tranquility prevails down in the valley, up on the alpine pastures, the dairy farmers are busy with their work, preparing for hungry hikers. After milking the cows, the fresh milk is transformed into delicious cheese and golden butter. This pairs exceptionally well with the self-smoked bacon and farmhouse bread from the stone oven.

The best reward after an extensive hike is always stopping at one of the rustic alpine huts: a cold beer, homemade buttermilk, or a hearty bacon snack awaits you. Or in winter: a cup of hot tea or a fruity punch to warm up.

Is your mouth already watering? Then, quickly put on your hiking boots and head to the alpine pastures in Grossarltal!

Kuh beim Grasen auf der Alm im Großarltal - dem Tal der Almen im Salzburger Land.
Wanderwege  über die Almen im Großarltal - dem Tal der Almen in Österreich.

My summer in the alps

Barefoot across alpine meadows. Fragrant pine scent and tinkling cowbells. Tasty buttermilk, fluffy Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake).
Kinder spielen auf einer Alm mit einem Hund.
Sonnenuntergang auf der Saukaralm in Großarl

The best alpine pastures around Grossarl

For body & mind

The managed alpine pastures in Grossarl Valley are the ideal stopping points during your hikes. Pleasure takes precedence during the alpine summer in Grossarl. Hike from alp to alp, stop, and get inspired: Along the Salzburg Alpine Pasture Trail, you traverse through blooming meadows, fragrant forests, and charming alpine pastures. In this setting of untouched nature, hiking becomes a treat for body, mind, and soul. For those who want to remember their hiking achievements, several hiking pins are available.

Discover the idyllic alpine pastures during your hiking vacation in Grossarl and savor the homemade delights along with the breathtaking views.

With 40 pastures and numerous hiking trails, making a choice might be challenging. So, we have something for you: We'll share our favorite alpine pastures and what makes them special.

Wunderbare Bergwelt im Großarltal
Bäuerin beim Viehtrieb auf der Alm im Großarltal, Salzburger Land.
Familie beim Wandern auf einer Alm im Großarltal - das Tal der Almen in Österreich ist perfekt für einen Familienurlaub in den Bergen.

Insider Tips for Grossarl Valley in Summer & Winter

The best alpine pastures in Grossarl

Ellmaualm –  enchanting view

  • Location: on 1.794 highmeter
  • Hike: on natural paths – about 1,5 hour
  • Hiking routes: Saukaralm, Gründegg, Trögseen, Loosbühelalm, Weissalm
  • Specials: The alpine pasture is located along the Salzburg Alpine Pasture Trail and offers a beautiful panoramic view over the valley

Maurachalm in Grossarl

  • Location: on 1.624 highmeter
  • Hiking duration: 1. via the forest road from "Sonnegg Brücke" / 2. Via the hiking trail from Geßlegg service road – approximately 1 hour
  • Hiking routes: Sonntagskogel, Kitzstein, neighboring alpine pastures as Karseggalm or Unterwandalm
  • Specials: Focus is placed on local and homemade products. Try the homemade farmer's doughnuts (Bauernkrapfen) and take home a home-distilled liqueur as a souvenir. Often you can enjoy live music at the pastures. 

Karseggalm - the oldest alpine pasture in the valley

  • Location: on 1.603 highmeter
  • Hiking duration: way on the forest path 1,25 hour
  • Hiking routes: Hike from Sonneggbrücke to Unterwandenalm, Karseggalm, Breitenebenalm, Kitzstein Gabel, Penkopf (one round tour)
  • Specials: The pasture is more than 400 years old. Impressively, there is an open fireplace with a large copper kettle in the center of the alpine hut. Once a week, visitors can observe the cheese-making process.


Winter Alpine Pastures - Warming up in the cold season

  • Many of the alpine huts in Grossarl unfortunately have their doors closed in winter. However, one alpine pasture welcomes guests even in the cold season: The Loosbühelalm remains open even with snow, making it perfect for an active family vacation in winter!
  • Location: on 1.796 highmeter

Alpine pastures for children

Hiking holidays with children in Grossarl 

A hike is not always what a child wants to do during a vacation. However, with a fantastic destination, the motivation can quickly change! In Grossarl, there are many family-friendly alpine pastures for your family vacation. These are easily accessible with a stroller and offer plenty of excitements for little hikers. Here's an overview of our favorite child-friendly alpine pastures:

Aualm – 1. 795 Highmeters

  • Hiking duration from Bergstation Panoramabahn 3,5 hour
  • accessible with the car
  • enclosed playground
  • Wild marmots behind the alpine pasture

Viehhausalm -1.640 Highmeters

  • Hiking duration from the parking place Himmelsknoten 1 hour
  • Nature adventure playground
  • Breathtaking panoramic view

Kreealm – Bichlhütte -1.570 Highmeters

  • Hiking duration from the parking place Stockham (end of the valley) 1,5 hour
  • Trail is passing by a waterfall
  • Spacious playground with a view of the Hohe Tauern National Park area

Adventure tips on the alpine pastures of grossarl

More then hiking

A hike to a mountain pasture is a wonderful experience in itself. But there is so much more to discover! Conquer the paths up to panoramic alpine huts on a mountain bike, for example! If you don't want it to be more easier, simply grab an e-bike.

Whether spring, summer, fall or winter: Come to the Valley of Alpine Pastures for hiking, skiing, ski touring, mountain biking or snowshoeing! Send your no-obligation booking inquiry for a vacation with hiking and wellness at the Nesslerhof wellness hotel in Grossarl now!

Holiday offers

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