Paar in Bademantel genießt Wellness für zwei im Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof in Großarl.
Face & Body


Extra special wellness Holidays in Austria

Indulgence for body and soul — you will definitely find this on your wellness holiday at the Nesslerhof in Grossarl, Austria! When was the last time you were pampered from head to toe? Our experienced team look forward to spoiling you with our incredible spa treatments as you enjoy pure relaxation on your wellness holiday in Austria.

Moments for your soul & body

All you need for your well being

Fresh fruits, sea salt, vitamins, algae... What sounds like a wellness buffet is just a part of the extensive range of body treatments at our wellness hotel in Großarl. And these treatments are particularly close to our hearts. At Nesslerhof, we know that what's good for the stomach can't be bad for the skin!

In our spa, we indulge in peeling and wrapping, provide moisture, and extract stress from every pore to our heart's content. A little peeling is like spring cleaning for beauty treatments: getting rid of what you don't need anymore, and everything looks much fresher.

CELLULITE Treatment – legs
80 minutes € 120
A fruit scrub and pulsation massage loosens and decongests tissue, preparing it for this treatment’s subsequent active ingredients. Just about any problem area can be treated effectively and quickly with this technique.
25 minutes € 41
We gently massage your entire body with the power of lemon, peach, papaya and kiwi extracts. You will love the result!
TRANquility exfoliation
25 minutes € 46
This unique body exfoliation treatment is reminiscent of freshly fallen snow as white sugar crystals melt on the skin like snowflakes. This wonderful full-body exfoliation leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.
Sea salt oil exfoliation
25 minutes € 41
Coarse sea salt stimulates circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells. High-quality almond oil nourishes and moisturises your skin.
50 minutes € 86
This treatment includes: exfoliation, steam wrap, colour light therapy. It is a special vitamin cocktail for dry, tired skin. Vitamins and trace elements have a nourishing, moisturising and regenerative effect on the skin.
ALGae exfoliation & wrap
50 minutes € 88
This treatment includes: exfoliation, steam wrap, colour light therapy. Algae and healing mud drain and detoxify the entire body, loosening tight muscles and stimulating circulation.
Gesichtsmassage im Wellnessurlaub im Hotel Nesslerhof in Großarl
Frau im Bademantel bei den Beauty-Anwendungen im Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof in Großarl
Behandlungsraum für Massagen und Beauty im Spa des Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof in Großarl.

For eternal beauty!

Enter tired and exit refreshed: this is wellness in Grossarl, Austria

Give your face a little break — it works so hard for you, day in, day out. Why not treat it as a thank you for all it does? Perhaps have your eyelashes done, or throw in a massage for fun? Whatever you choose, we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin after a trip to our spa.

Facial with pulsating facial massager
50 minutes € 88
Cleansing, exfoliation, massage with pulsating facial massager, active ingredient concentrate, cream mask and final care. This facial treatment is a detoxifying, de-puffing and firming treatment and can be tailored to every skin need.
Facial with pulsating facial massager
(including Deep pore cleansing)
80 minutes € 138
Cleansing, exfoliation, steam deep pore cleansing, massage with pulsating facial massager, organic anti-ageing ingredients and peel-off alginate mask. This treatment’s detoxifying, de-puffing and firming pulsation massage prepares the skin for the high-quality active ingredients that follow.
Combats age-related skin changes
50 minutes € 88
A special facial treatment with highly effective plant extracts and high-tech molecules. For beautiful, youthful, healthy skin and correction of skin problems.
Professional peel (fructic acid peel)
Choice of booster
Roulage massage
BASIC Facial
50 minutes € 79
80 minutes € 130
Cleansing, exfoliation, active ingredient concentrate, facial massage or deep pore cleansing, cream mask and final care. This facial is tailored to your skin type.
Balance Alpine 1000+ Vitalkraft
50 minutes € 80
The facial treatment 'VITALKRAFT' begins with the individual typing based on the Balance Alpine 1000+ method. After cleansing and peeling, the skin is moisturized, followed by the harmonization ritual, eye care, neck-decolleté-facial massage, moisturizing mask and concluding care.
Balance Alpine 1000+ Vitalkraft
80 minutes € 124
In addition to the contents of the 50-minute treatment: shaping of the eyebrows, deep cleansing, intensive massage of the décolleté, shoulders, face and head area.
80 minutes € 130
The ultimate in skin rejuvenation. This exclusive anti-ageing treatment turns back the hands of time. The skin is immediately soothed and gains a firmer, more vital appearance.
Men only
Men St. Barth Short
25 minutes € 44
Relaxing head and foot massage with the fragrance composition of the St. Barth HOMME line.
25 minutes € 58
A cleansing treatment including a rolling-roulage massage and a mask for concluding care.
BASIC Facial – MEN
50 minutes € 83
A clarifying and cleansing treatment that includes facial cleansing and exfoliation, deep pore cleansing or facial massage, active ingredient concentrate, mask and final care.

Subject to change.

To ensure you get the most out of your appointment, please arrive in your bathrobe as all listed times include changing, dressing and post-treatment resting period.

Have you found a spa treatment that speaks to you? Great! Don’t wait — book your stay at the Nesslerhof luxury hotel in Grossarl today.

*The spa product brand comfort zone is developed and produced in Parma. All products are based on plant and aromatherapy. By using comfort zone products, you help support the regeneration of the Amazon rainforest. All packaging is environmentally-friendly and products are not tested on animals.